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About Us

Dinoflex has been a leading innovator in the manufacture of recycled rubber products for over two decades. We specialize in producing premium quality rubber flooring, surfaces, tiles and custom products. Our merchandise provides solutions for architects, designers and builders that are cost effective and environmentally friendly. It is through constant research and development and the tireless pursuit of innovation that we remain at the forefront of our industry. Our unique process produces an impressive range of richly coloured flooring suitable for a multitude of sport and commercial applications and can even be customized with intricate logos and designs. We are proud to offer a product that is of the highest quality and helps make the world a more liveable place.

Core Values

Our core values amount to more than just the promise of delivering a quality product. They are a commitment to continued innovation and research with the motivation of offering our customers recycled rubber products that utilize the most up to date technologies in areas like sustainability, engineering and ergonomics. Dinoflex has always stood by the values of reliability, honesty and creativity, making us a great company to work for or do business with. We care about the planet and believe in operating our business with a profound environmental conscience.


Around 70 per cent of the world’s rubber is used in tires. It is through this ample supply that we produce each and every one of our products. We choose to recycle used rubber rather than manufacture new material because we care about environmental conservation and keeping our carbon footprint small. Using recycled tires also keeps them out of landfills and saves the natural resources that would otherwise be consumed to produce new raw materials. At Dinoflex, we are always working to make ourselves better.

For these reasons we put a great deal of effort into researching new means and ways of producing Dinoflex products so that we can always be current with the most eco friendly processes. But our ambition doesn’t end there. We refine our production, application and customization methods constantly so that we can offer the very best Dinoflex experience to our clients. We know it is essential to embrace growth and change, to always provide a result that we can be proud of, and to create a product that we can stand by.

Quality Statement

Dinoflex is proud to pledge our commitment to providing customers with products that will leave them 100 per cent satisfied – without harming the planet.
We achieve this result by focusing on innovation, research and sustainability.


  1. To always reside at the forefront of recycled rubber manufacturing.
  2. To make breakthroughs in technology that will improve our products.
  3. To leave all of our customers completely satisfied each and every time.