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3 Recycled Rubber Flooring Facts You Should Have Known Yesterday

Dinoflex is proud to pledge our commitment to providing customers with products that will leave them 100 per cent satisfied – without harming the planet. We achieve this result by focusing on innovation, research, and sustainability.

Dinoflex has been a leading innovator in the manufacturing of recycled rubber products for over 25 years. We specialize in producing premium quality rubber flooring, surfaces, tiles and custom products. Our merchandise provides solutions for architects, designers, and builders that are cost effective and environmentally friendly.

1. Did you know recycled rubber flooring could last 20 years or more? 
Dinoflex has created an industry leading sustainable product that is strong, tough, and resilient against an incredibly diverse range of conditions. Depending on the type of tile used, and the environment it is installed in, a properly cared for rubber floor has the potential to last twenty years, if not longer. This can significantly cut down on the cost of waste and replacement needed for less durable flooring materials. Dinoflex Recycled Rubber Flooring is virtually maintenance free, which is a chief trait of all our products.

2. Did you know Dinoflex offers custom capabilities? 
Dinoflex’s Color Innovator uses a simple yet innovative process divided into three easy steps; pick your colors, choose the ratios, and mix! You have 32 diverse colors of EPDM to choose from and engineer into your own personal swatch. Customization allows you to create contrasting areas to define sections of your facility; creating rubber surfacing that is both functional and visually appealing.  Utilize valuable floor space by displaying company logos or brand elements repeatedly throughout an area. Our waterjet cutting technology has no limitations when it comes to design – write a message to customers in a strategic location or create play and learning areas for children. This technology also gives the ability to clearly mark exits or draw attention to merchandise.

3. Do you know what the advantages of Made Flat Stays Flat™?
Rubber wants to naturally go back to its original form when it was manufactured. Rolled rubber flooring, for its lifetime, will be fighting to go back to its natural state once installed on a flat floor. Dinoflex manufactures recycled rubber flooring the way it's supposed to be made. Made Flat Stays Flat™ Guaranteed not to curl!