Vulca-NO! SPORT: No Match for Even the Toughest of Applications

By Dinoflex Recycled Rubber Flooring | Jun 09,2022

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Tough applications – and athletes – require rugged flooring solutions. Dinoflex’s Vulca-NO! SPORT rubber floor tiles were sustainably designed to help protect arenas, ski resorts,and rec centres – and the people who use them.

Protect Athletes and Spectators

A sporting facility should be a place to increase your fitness – not hurt yourself. Slips and falls can happen to even the most sure-footed of people.Vulca-NO! SPORT’s high traction – whether wet or dry – reduces costly injuries from slips and falls for athletes, workers, and spectators alike. Athletes will appreciate how Vulca-NO! SPORT’s ergonomic, high-density design reduces soreness as well as fatigued muscles and joints to help them play their best. Its impact-absorbing and sound-reducing design decreases both vibration and noise, a welcome feature for anyone who spends long days at a sport facility.

Protect Your Facility – and Bottom Line

Athletes work hard, and it’s important your sporting facility can tackle whatever comes its way. Vulca-NO! SPORT works hard, too, while being easy on your budget. It was specially designed to handle the toughest applications, ensuring the longevity of the flooring in your facility. Our Vulca-NO! SPORT ultra-durable rubber flooring tiles can handle whatever comes through your door, including metal cleats, skate blades, rough equipment edges, or rolling loads. Its large format and easy-to-clean properties contribute to this winning recycled rubber flooring solution.

A Healthy, Sustainable Choice

Sporting facilities promote health and wellness. When you choose Vulca-NO! SPORT, you’re choosing a product that is healthy for people and kind to the environment. Our non-vulcanized process produces a tough, odorless product without using harmful solvents or VOCs. Vulca-NO! SPORT is also Floor Score certified, meaning it meets stringent indoor air quality standards, and it is Health Product Declaration certified, providing crucial information regarding how products can impact human health and wellness. You can feel good knowing you’re choosing a sustainable recycled rubber flooring option with high recycled content that contributes to LEED credits – and a greener world.

Vulca-NO! SPORT is good for athletes and great for floors. Inspire confidence in every area of yourarena, ski resort, or recreation centre with quality flooring underfoot. Contact us today to learn more!