DinoTurf – There is no off-season

Train inside like it’s outside all year round with DinoTurf fitness tiles. Designed to withstand the most extreme workouts, from cross-fit training spaces, to driving ranges, to play areas. DinoTurf’s durability, enhanced underfoot comfort, and visual appeal will give your space a competitive edge.

* Available only in green.

Luxury backing protects you and your floor

Our impact reducing recycled rubber backing decreases muscle fatigue and impact on joints, while absorbing the shock and wear of repetitive footfalls, dropped weights, and heavy equipment.  In spaces with training sleds or rolling loads, tiles can be glued down, ensuring your floor outlasts the competition.

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Features Logo Features

  • Long lasting

  • Shock absorbing

  • Abrasion resistant

  • Low VOC Emissions

  • Noise reducing

  • Stain resistant

Benefits Logo Benefits

  • Product stands up to regular abuse

  • Reduces muscle, back, hip and joint strain

  • Great for sled work and cardio drills

  • Improved air quality with no-in fill required

  • Quiet workout space

  • Low maintenance program required

Best Application Logo Best Application

  • CrossFit Gym

  • Driving Range

  • Fitness centers

  • Indoor Arena

  • Indoor Sports Facility

  • Multi Pet Applications

  • Playgrounds

  • Putting Green

Size Logo Size

Interlock TileInterlocking Floor (Loose Lay)


  • 38? x 38? Square Cut glue down
  • 37? x 37? Interlocking loose lay

Interlock TileSquare Edge Tile (Glue Down)

Standard Thickness

  • 16mm turf laminated to luxury backing:
    • 22mm = 16mm + 6mm (14/16" = 10/16" + 1/4")
    • 24mm = 16mm + 8mm (15/16" = 10/16" + 5/16")
    • 26mm = 16mm +10mm (1 1/32" = 10/16" + 3/8")

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Cleaning & Maintenance

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