Begin your Inspiration....

STEP 1: Color Room

  • Please select your base colors
  • All colors with a Coarse / Fine option may be selected twice.

STEP 2: Innovation Station

  • Play with the percentages of your selected colors!
  • Toggle between the Coarse and Fine options for a different look!
  • Percentages can be comprised of a maximum of 5 EPDM colors plus black.
  • Please ensure you have selected a minimum total of 15% fine granules.
  • Please ensure you have selected at least 5% black.

Add another color from Color Room

STEP 3: Your Custom Swatch
  • Love your creation? Name it and store it in your Gallery to continue mixing.
  • Saved swatches can be selected from your Gallery if you would like the
    formula emailed to yourself or if you would like to request an actual Color Sample.
Please note, the Dinoflex Color Innovator is only for conceptual use and is not an exact rendering of how your floor will appear. Once you have created your ideal swatch, please proceed in requesting your sample.
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